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2017 NBA Playoffs Picks + Notes

2017 NBA Playoffs Picks + Notes

What a season for the NBA, i mean that marathon of a regular season is finally over. I thought the playoffs would not get here, with everything settled. Did we really get the 16 best teams this season. In my opinion Heck NO we did not. I mean there were some teams that showed up too late (That’s right Miami Heat), and some teams that never got off the bus (New York Knicks). I really should call out the sorry Brooklyn Nets, but its typical for them. So they allowed the Chicago Bulls to get a playoff spot that they never really earned. No one can convince me otherwise, on why they should be in over Miami Heat (who went 30-11 in the 2nd half of the season). You got to be kidding me with that garbage i just watched. The rest issue is getting out of hand and its time for new rules and standards, once and for all. Meanwhile, we got a postseason to get ready for and here are my 1st round picks (Conference Quarterfinal matchups):

Eastern conference:

Boston over Chicago (5 games)
Cleveland over Indiana (6 Games)
Toronto over Milwaukee (4 Games)
Washington over Atlanta (4 Games)

Western conference:

Golden State over Portland (7 Games)
San Antonio over Memphis (6 Games)
Oklahoma City over Houston (7 Games)
Utah over L.A. Clippers (7 Games)

Well there is my picks, so enjoy the playoffs and i will be back soon with the next round worth of picks and notes.


Latest Weekly Extra Point #2

The Embarrassment of the New York Knicks Basketball

The constant updated rumors about trading Carmelo Anthony, to Phil Jackson getting under his skin about his overall play. It was Jackson that gave Melo a no trade clause in his recent deal. So Phil Jackson has nobody to blame but himself. I believe that Phil Jackson could be the Matt Millen of the NBA, when it comes to executive decisions. There is a good chance that potential free agents could shy away from the Knicks, if Jackson continues to run the team. The Knicks were at one point 3rd in the Eastern Conference standings, now they have fallen so badly to 12th in the conference. They currently sit 10 games under .500 (winning percentage) at 22-32. They are running out of time, in order to make a playoff run. I feel they don’t deserve to even make the playoffs at all. It is time to make changes either now or at the end of the season. Now here comes the Charles Oakley incident that has grabbed the headlines like a thief in the night. This one you have to blame both, but more James Dolan who started this debacle. He even fired the head of MSG security for the Oakley incident. Now the fans will definitely turned on Dolan, for banning Oakley for life. So Dolan decided to go Pete Rose on us now? He even detailed Oakley’s dirty laundry on a radio show in New York. This is such an embarrassment that it is not even watch able on TV anymore. The Knicks fans deserve better and it maybe a long time before any good happens out of this. This off season should be an interesting one, but for who? Stay tuned!!

My weekly Extra Point #5

The NBA to start there regular season in early October, next season

I am in favor for this, only because it will give us (the normal sports fan) something else to watch other than the World series or even the NHL. The 2017-2018 regular season will be a historic one, as it will be the earliest the NBA season will start. Which means the pre season will start in October, and training camp will be in late September? This is designed to reduce the back to back games, and possible cancelled games that occur in the winter time. Only to be rescheduled for later in the season, to accommodate the NBA teams. This is great for the players, who have often complained of the back to back schedules they have to endure. I wish they would change the playoff schedule, like have it start in early May. But end around late June in time for the NBA draft, and push back the start of free agency. I expect the NBA to cash in on this latest move, and it should work out for all involved. I can’t wait for it, NBA basketball in October think about the possibilities. This is also give more teams to recover from games played, and increase there chances for a possible NBA Championship one day. So NBA fans, let’s enjoy this season while we can, because next season should be interesting to watch.

2016 NBA Finals preview + pick

2016 NBA Finals preview + pick

This playoff season is the best in years. Most of the series from the 1st round til now! Had a lot of action and drama as far as storylines go. Now we officially have our two teams in the finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are meeting for the Second straight year for the right of holding the Larry O’Brien trophy. The Cavaliers are a different team from a season ago, when they barely mustered 2 wins earlier in last season’s NBA finals. They didn’t have there two impact players in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. This year is different because they are healthy and playing well. The Cavaliers led by the king of Cleveland Lebron James who is determined to win another but one for the city of Cleveland. The Cavaliers will need heavy contributions from both J.R. Smith and Tristian Thompson in order to take control of this series. Toronto cause some problems for a little while but could not win in the end.
As for the Golden State Warriors, they are coming off a tremendous series vs. Oklahoma City Thunder who nearly had them trailing 3 games to 1 before giving it away. It was by far there toughest test this postseason. They were down but not out as they become the latest team to comeback from a 3-1 series hole to win it. The Warriors have been great all season winning 73 games (all time single season wins record) in the regular season. Handing teams like the Rockets, Trail Blazers, and Thunder. They got plenty of contributors like Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and oh yeah Stephan Curry NBA MVP 2years running. The benches for both teams is just about even on both teams. Here is my pick: Golden State in 7 games. Sorry Lebron and Cleveland your streak will continue.

2016 NBA playoff preview

2016 NBA playoff preview

well it’s playoff time in the NBA. I think we have a good group of teams ready to compete for the Larry o’brien trophy. We got the Golden State Warriors ready to defend there championship. But they must be aware that every team they face will give them there all. They won 73 games this season. However they need to finish the job. Why get the single season record with no championship to cap it would be a major disappointment. So here is my picks:


eastern conference:

cleveland over Detroit 6 games

miami over Charlotte 5 games

Boston over Atlanta 7 games

Toronto over Indiana 5 games

Western Conference

Golden State over Houston 6 games

San Antonio over Memphis 7 games

Oklahoma City over Dallas 7 games

Portland over LA Clippers 7 games

There you have it my 1st round round picks are now in. I should be back with more sports takes soon. Look for my NFL draft preview soon. My NBA lottery preview is also on the way.

2015-2016 NBA Season preview

2015-2016 NBA Season preview

An Another NBA regular season on the horizon, so who will be the favorites to compete for the Larry O’Brien trophy (NBA Championship)? The Golden State Warriors won the NBA title last season, first time in 40 years. The Warriors will get a lot of competition this coming season, mostly from the fierce Western Conference. The Cleveland Cavaliers could have easily won the championship had it not been for the injuries to star players like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. I really felt for LeBron James who played his heart off, the entire season. James desperately wants to bring the city of Cleveland a championship, which they have not seen since 1964. It is now a matter of when LeBron will accomplish his goal. There were plenty of coaching changes, like the one in Oklahoma City for Billy Donovan (University of Florida). That is the one coach I will be following for most of this upcoming season. Flip Saunders will not be coaching the Timberwolves due to health reasons, we hope he gets better. Kobe Bryant, is this the final season (in Los Angeles), or will he continue his career elsewhere? Now for the picks:

Eastern Conference:

Atlantic Division:

NY Knicks

Central Division:

Southeast Division:


Western Conference:

Southwest Division:

San Antonio
New Orleans

Northwest Division:

Oklahoma City

Pacific Division:

Golden State
LA Clippers
LA Lakers

There you have it my NBA Season Preview is up, lets tip this season off already!!

2015 NBA Finals preview Cleveland vs. Golden State

2015 NBA Finals preview Cleveland vs. Golden State

Well its time for some NBA Championship Basketball. This should be a good series between the Warriors and the Cavaliers. In this series, i expect the Cavaliers to come out with baskets blazing. In order to contain Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and a cast of thousands. Lebron James will need some big time help in order to give the cavaliers its 1st ever championship. We will need Kyrie irving to step up and also play a key role in this series. The warriors have a great scoring bench, and it has come through for them a lot during the season and the playoffs. Both teams have been off for a week with a lot of rest. So which team is going to be that next great championship team in the NBA. So here is my pick:

Golden State Warriors will win it in 6 games, only because i cannot see the Cavs and lebron James going out in a sweep at all. Enjoy the series and get ready for an off season of Baseball and the start of football season

2014-2015 NBA preview

2014-2015 NBA preview

Well this off season was typical for most NBA teams. Who improved there team the most, and also who didn’t really make a splash? Jason Kidd decided to go to Milwaukee, which he eventually did after a failed Power Play. Then Larry Drew was suddenly out as Bucks coach, but his one season of under .500 record didn’t really help his cause. The Brooklyn Nets will be on its fourth coach in 3 seasons. The Los Angeles Clippers will have a new owner, named Steve Balmer. A possible new owner in Atlanta could be coming soon? LeBron James is back in Cleveland, but for how long this time? Let’s face it, its either championship or bust for the Cavaliers! The San Antonio Spurs are set to defend there championship, but there will be some competition from all over the NBA. Injuries to Kevin Durant (missing about a month or 2) and to Steve Nash (for the season) will make the Western Conference very Competitive. So let’s tip off this NBA season with some division by division picks:

Eastern Conference:


Toronto, New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Boston


Cleveland, Chicago, Indiana, Milwaukee, Detroit


Miami, Washington, Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando

Playoff Teams in the East:

Toronto, New York, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Chicago, Indiana, Miami, and Washington

WESTERN Conference:


San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Memphis, New Orleans


Oklahoma City, Portland, Denver, Utah, Minnesota


LA Clippers, Golden State, Phoenix, LA Lakers, Sacramento

Playoff Teams in the West:

San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Portland, LA Clippers, Golden State, and Phoenix

There it is my NBA Preview is now up, and let me know what ya’ll thoughts is. I will talk to you again before playoff time!

My 2014 NBA Finals Preview

another playoff round is in the books, and we saw 2 teams that were a shell of themselves. Both Indiana Pacers and the Oklahoma City Thunder made it interesting for a while. In the end, its the Spurs and the Heat. For the Miami Heat they need LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and maybe Chris Bosh (when he’s shooting 3’s) to come up big in this series. There bench is still goo enough to match the Spurs bench. For san antonio, Tim duncan is turning back the clock (as in 1999) when he beat the NY knicks in the Finals in 1999. The spurs is now tony parker’s team (besides he’s the future) and the only way the Spurs will win the championship if both Parker and Duncan can attack the post defense of the Miami heat.

So here is my pick: Miami will three-peat by beating the Spurs in 7 games.

Coming up this week, my stanley cup Finals preview will happen before this coming wednesday.