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2018 NCAA Tourney Picks (Elite Eight)

2018 NCAA Tourney Picks (Elite Eight)

What a tournament so far, each round has provided some drama, excitement, and the unexpected. Now we moved into the round of 8, so it’s time to get these picks in. I cannot imagine anybody having a good bracket left. Here is my elite eight picks:


Loyola-Chicago over Kansas State

Michigan over Florida State


Villanova over Texas Tech

Duke over Kansas


There you have it, my elite eight picks are up and a final four preview is coming soon.

2018 NCAA tourney Picks (Sweet 16)

2018 NCAA tourney Picks (Sweet 16)

well lets just get to it my sweet 16 picks:


Nevada over loyola-Chicago

Kentucky over Kansas State

Texas A&M over Michigan

Gonzaga over florida State


Kansas over Clemson

Duke over Syracuse

Villanova over west Virginia

Purdue over Texas Tech


There you have it, my sweet 16 picks are now up. Its been a great tournament so far, with so many brackets busted for real.

2018 NCAA Tourney picks (round of 32)

2018 NCAA Tourney picks (round of 32)

These last two days have been unbelievable. Upsets of unexpected source happening in all regions. However the one that will have the sports world talking for a long time: a #16 (UMBC) beating a #1 (Virginia). It took 33 years and 132 games in that span to finally happen. Add the 3 other games and it’s 135 now after this weekend’s action. It’s been crazy tearing up these brackets and then some. Now for this weekend’s picks in round 2:

Saturday’s Action:

Villanova over Alabama

Duke over Rhode Island

Kentucky over Buffalo

Tennessee over Loyola-Chicago

Seton Hall over Kansas

Ohio State over Gonzaga

Florida over Texas Tech

Michigan over Houston

Sunday’s Action:

Purdue over Butler

Michigan State over Syracuse

North Carolina over Texas A&M

Auburn over Clemson

Cincinnati over Nevada

UMBC over Kansas State

Xavier over Florida State

West Virginia over Marshall


There you have it my picks are up, I’m sure y’all will tear your brackets even more after the weekend is over.

2018 NCAA Tourney Picks: Round of 64 (Friday’s action)

2018 NCAA Tourney Picks: Round of 64 (Friday’s action)

I will go ahead with Friday’s action and its picks. Cant really talk about the action at all.

Afternoon session:

Providence over Texas A&M

Purdue over Cal State-Fullerton

Wichita State over Marshall

Cincinnati over Georgia State

North Carolina over Lipscomb

Butler over Arkansas

West Virginia over Murray State

Nevada over Texas

Night Session:

Kansas State over Creighton

Michigan State over Bucknell

Xavier over Texas Southern

Auburn over Charleston

Virginia over UMBC

Syracuse over TCU

Florida State over Missouri

Clemson over New Mexico State


there you have it my round of 64 picks are in, i will be back before saturday for round 2 (Round of 32) picks. Enjoy the games folks!!


2018 NCAA Tourney Picks: Round of 64 Version

2018 NCAA Tourney Picks: Round of 64 Version

well the play in games did not really provide the drama, we all wanted. I am not speaking for the average sports fan, just for myself on here. I think i only won 1 maybe 2 games out of the four games. However i am looking to get off to a good start. I am not filling in a bracket, frankly its too much in my opinion.  So time to fill your brackets once and for all, and now time for Thursday’s action:

Afternoon session:

Rhode Island over Oklahoma

Tennessee over wright state

Gonzaga over North carolina-greensboro

Kansas over Penn

Duke over iona

Miami over Loyola-Chicago

Ohio State over South Dakota State

Seton Hall over North carolina State

Night Session:

Villanova over Radford

Kentucky over Davidson

San Diego State over Houston

Texas Tech over Stephen F. Austin

Alabama over Virginia Tech

Arizona over Buffalo

Michigan over Montana

Florida over St. Bonaventure

There you go the entire action on Thursday, good luck to y’all brackets


NCAA Tourney Picks: The First Four

NCAA Tourney Picks: The First Four

How about march madness has finally arrive in style. So the NCAA Tounament has its usual cast of characters, and there are some that should not be invited to the party. I called them party crashers, so if they plan on staying they need to do one thing. Gotta win til the end, and have to do it six times. Or in some cases 7 with this play in game coming up. For these teams it’s a chance to start over there season. So who moves on to the round of 64, here are my picks:

Tuesday’s action

LIU-Brooklyn over Radford

UCLA over St. Bonaventure

Wednesday’s action

North Carolina Central over Texas Southern

Arizona State over Syracuse


There you have it my First Four picks are up. Don’t you worry I will have 1st round picks soon, so fill those brackets already. I have will you?


2017 NCAA Tourney Picks (Day 2)

2017 NCAA Tourney Picks (Day 2)

What a day yesterday, plenty of games that were duds?? Are you kidding me if you are Vanderbilt, how you let Northwestern win like that? The other games were no better, i just hope Saturday is much better than Thursday’s action. Now time to get to Friday’s action, so good luck and now my picks:

Afternoon session:

Oklahoma State over Michigan
Baylor over New Mexico State
Seton Hall over Arkansas
Oregon over Iona
Louisville over Jacksonville State
USC (southern California) over SMU
North Carolina over Texas southern
Creighton over Rhode Island

Evening Session

Kansas over California-Davis
Wichita State over Dayton
Duke over Troy
Kansas State over Cincinnati
Michigan State over Miami (FL)
Kentucky over North Kentucky
South Carolina over Marquette
UCLA over Kent State

there you have it my friday picks are up, and with the weekend 2 go, i should be back tomorrow with more from the tourney. Now let watch some more basketball

2017 NCAA Tourney Picks

2017 NCAA Tourney Picks

well March madness is here, and I am not filling out a bracket for the 1st time in years. Besides I think doing picks is better than doing a bracket, in my opinion. Now that the first four is finished, time for the real games. Besides we did not feel we got the best matchups. Now here is my Thursday Picks:

Afternoon session:

Norte Dame over Princeton
Virginia over NC-Wilmington
Butler over Winthorp
Gonzaga over South Dakota State
West Virginia over Bucknell
Florida over East Tennessee State
Middle Tennessee State over Minnesota
Vanderbilt over Northwestern

Evening Session

Xavier over Maryland
Villanova over Mount St. Mary’s
VCU over St’ Mary’s
Purdue over Vermont
Florida State over Florida Gulf Coast
Wisconsin over Virginia Tech
Arizona over North Dakota
Nevada over iowa state

There is your first day I will be back on here tomorrow for Fridays session, then the weekend enjoy watching some basketball…

My Final four Preview + Picks

My Final four Preview + Picks

Well its been an outstanding tournament with teams that had no business being in the field of 68. Syracuse is a great example of they should not have been in. I was stunned at the situation, now granted they have beaten teams that should have made the final four. Jim Boeheim has done a great coaching job, but is this better than the 2003 team that won it all? We will have to find out after this weekend concludes. As for Villanova, i knew they were going to be great in this tourney, and they have proven me right. Both North Carolina and Oklahoma have done well in spite of facing some opponents that have given them a significant challenge along the way. So here is my picks for the final four:


Syracuse over North Carolina

Villanova over Oklahoma



there you have it from Houston no less. Now its time to look forward to the championship game on monday. I should have a preview on that as well.

My National Basketball Championship Pick

My National Basketball Championship Pick

well its finally here, the end to another college basketball season. Duke vs. Wisconsin, now how many had this match up in there brackets?? I didn’t at all, not in my bracket at least. Both teams have had an outstanding season, only suffering in a few defeats throughout the season. This past Saturday Duke destroyed Michigan State, who had no answer for Duke’s best player Jamil Okofar. Wisconsin kept Kentucky when it counted the most, late in the 2nd half with untimely turnovers and missed opportunities. I believe Duke has too much star power for Wisconsin. The Badgers can only do so much, but it won’t be enough.

My Pick: Duke gets it done over Wisconsin in unique fashion