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My 2018 Divisional playoff round picks

My 2018 Divisional playoff round picks

what a 2 weeks it has been, so there is 8 teams left in this playoff tournament. So now its time for the best football to be played for sure. There have been a handful of coaching news off the field. As of now 6 of the 8 teams have filled there Head coach positions, so far. Only the Bengals and the Dolphins are still waiting to fill there’s. During the regular season i won 150 games but barely, i will update it later this weekend. Now for the picks:

Saturday’s games:

Colts over Chiefs

Rams over Cowboys

Sunday’s games:

Patriots over Chargers

Saints over Eagles


There you have it i will have conference title game previews coming next week.

Super Bowl LII (52) Preview + Pick

Super Bowl LII (52) Preview + Pick

How about the super bowl matching up the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. This will be a great game kicking off in a few hours. Tom Brady will be going for his 6th super bowl victory all time, so is Bill Belichick. The Eagles don’t look like a super bowl team, even though they had an easy playoff run. The Eagles did it without Carson Wentz, injured late in the season. Nick Foles has done an outstanding job filling in. Foles was at one time the future of the Eagles. Now he finds himself playing the role of Jeff Hostetler. The Eagles will need to play an outstanding game if they are to beat the Patriots. It will be a tough task considering Brady is very good at reading defenses and handling the blitz’s The Eagles will need to stay close to the Patriots on the scoreboard if they have any chance of winning.

Now for my pick: Patriots over Eagles 42-24 in the super bowl

NFL Playoffs: Conference Title Games Preview + Picks

NFL Playoffs: Conference Title Games Preview + Picks

What a weekend in store for the NFL, as the playoffs continue to get interesting. We got a new comer to the fold. What is more intriguing is that 3 of the 4 teams will be looking to win a super bowl for the 1st time ever. Only the New England Patriots have been the recent winners of a super bowl. How about them Jacksonville Jaguars, being the story of the playoffs thus far? First they barely beat the Buffalo Bills, and then beat up on the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend. I mean that is a shocker for the ages, we thought it was 1996 all over again. In that season, the Jaguars beat the Bills and the Broncos. Then playing, and losing to the surprising New England Patriots, in the AFC title game that year. We will see how the Jaguars fare this time around. They will need to contain Tom Brady and the rest of the dynamic Patriots.


In the NFC title game, who knew it would be the Eagles and the Vikings? This one could be my toughest pick of the season. I honestly don’t know who to root for? Both teams are starting backup quarterbacks. The Vikings really don’t have a starter, but they have 3 capable quarterbacks that could start on any team. Keenum, Bradford, and Bridgewater are all active for this game. As for the Eagles they have Nick Foles, need I say more? Since taking over for Carson Wentz, Foles has played decently for the most part. I however have yet to see his best game. This would be a good time for one. So this game should be an interesting one.


AFC Championship Game: Patriots over Jaguars

NFC Championship Game: Vikings over Eagles


There you have it, and cannot wait for the super bowl in Minnesota in 2 weeks. I am not doing the pro bowl so don’t even ask this year.

My Divisional Playoff Picks (NFL Playoffs)

My Divisional Playoff Picks (NFL Playoffs)

what a playoff round last week, i thought the wild card games was great. No more Jon Gruden on ESPN, as he is headed to Oakland to coach the Raiders for some unfinished business? Okay, we will see later this year if the Raiders can rebound after going 6-10 in 2017. The Chicago Bears hired Matt Nagy, former Offensive Coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Tennessee Titans made a comeback that made average football fans take notice. Even the Titans head coach Mike Mularkey was still on the hot seat, after all this in getting the Titans in the playoffs. Even after the swoon in December, every Titans fan wanted him gone as soon as the season is over. That will not be happening anytime soon, as the owner came out and declared him back for the 2018 season. Last week in the wild card round, i went 3-1 and that was a shock. The Chiefs let me down in unique fashion. Here is my latest picks in the NFL Playoffs:

Saturday’s Action:

Falcons over Eagles

Patriots over Titans

Sunday’s Action:

Steelers over Jaguars

Saints over Vikings


There you have it, my divisional playoff picks are up. Almost Super Bowl time and hopefully something new will happen. By the way, i will have an announcement in regards for Chris Wood Sports coming soon.

NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Picks

NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Picks

what a season in the NFL, you got teams that have not been in the postseason in years. Congrats to those teams like the Rams, Titans, Saints, and even the Jaguars. As the regular season ended, there are 6 openings as of right now. The teams that are looking for head coaches are Bears, Lions, Giants, Colts, Raiders, and Cardinals. However, recent reports have Jon Gruden (after a decade in the broadcast booth) is coming back to the Oakland Raiders for a record 10 years, 100 million dollars. I am surprise at a couple of coaches that were not let go after the season. Marvin Lewis (CIN) and Pete Carroll (SEA) i am very shocked that they are not gone. So 2018 should be very interesting in the NFL. They will be more off season posts on the NFL than ever before, so look for it. Now for the wild card picks, as my picks record is on the site (UPDATED)

Saturday’s action:

Chiefs over Titans

Falcons over Rams

Sunday’s action:

Jaguars over Bills

Saints over Panthers


Now enjoy the playoffs as we begin 2018 in earnest!!

My Divisional Playoff Picks

My Divisional Playoff Picks

How about it football fans we made it to 2017. Now we got some notes to go through before we get to the picks. The Chargers are now in Los Angeles, and looks like the Raiders will make a move to Las Vegas. Still developing at this time, we will keep a close watch on it during the off season. 5 teams have new head coaches heading into the 2017 season. Only the San Francisco 49ers are left without a coach. Johnny Manziel will be at Super Bowl Week in Houston charging for both selfies and autographs, huh!! He cannot be serious about this, how is this even a story?? Now for my picks, sorry I was not here during the wild card round, didn’t miss much at all a season there was no close games.

Saturday’s Games

Seahawks over Falcons

Patriots over Texans

Sunday’s Games

Packers over Cowboys

Steelers over Chiefs

There you have it my picks are up and there will be more playoff action next week I will talk to you then

My Conference Title Game Picks

My Conference Title Game Picks

First some notes from the National football League. The Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, and Chicago Bears have new coaches (Jack Del Rio, Todd Bowles, and John Fox). The San francisco 49ers found Jim Harbaugh’s replacement in Jim Tomsula? Who is that, i have no clue!!  They are still some teams (Denver, Atlanta, naming a few) without a coach for now. They are constant reports on certain candidates that are rumored for the following jobs. Indianapolis Colts LB Josh McNary is now on the commisioner’s list, for pending rape charges. Now for the Conference titles preview and picks:

AFC Championship Pick: Patriots over Colts

I think this could be the last opportunity for the New england Patriots to win a championship. Tom Brady is getting older, and we don’t know how many more chances he will get. The Patriots are really good, since there September swoon when they were 2-2. Its been a great year for New england. The Indianapolis Colts have won 2 playoff games in a row here. Andrew Luck has had a great postseason, but is turnover phone. I really believe his turnovers is going to cost the Colts a shot at the lombardi trophy. There running game is still not that great, but will need it at somepoint to hold off Tom Brady from getting on the field.

NFC Championship Pick: Seahawks over Packers

The Green bay packers really got lucky in beating the Dallas Cowboys. The Dez bryant catch (or non-catch pending on what ya’ll think) didn’t really show any clear-cut evidence on whether it was a catch or not. However the Cowboys had they chances and didn’t take advantage of them. The Packers have a terrific team but is no match for the Seahawks and the 12th man. Aaron Rodgers is not healthy and he knows it. The Seahawks all they have to do is gear up the running game with Marshawn Lynch. Then let russell wilson do his thing running and passing. The Seahawks are going to have to pay some big bucks to keep Wilson very soon.


There you have it my conference title picks are in, and my super bowl preview will be in less than 2 weeks. So keep it locked here, spread the word about Chris Wood Sports


My Divisional Playoff Picks

My Divisional Playoff Picks

well the playoffs have been good so far. The wild card round was very interesting but my pick of the steelers winning did not go well. Still head coaches are dominating the headlines to see who lands where like Rex Ryan and them. In the wild card round I went 3-1, so here is my divisional round picks:


Patriots over Ravens

Seahawks over Panthers


Cowboys over Packers (upset special)

Broncos over Colts

So there you have it my latest playoff picks, and I will be back with a preview of the conference titles games

NFL Wild Card Playoff Picks

NFL Wild Card Playoff Picks

well the postseason is here, and the regular season is gone. Black Monday came with 3 head coaches (trestman, Ryan, and Mike smith)  losing there jobs. Also Doug Marrone decided to move on from the Buffalo Bills. I think it was a surprise move in Buffalo. Earlier Jim Harbaugh left the 49ers for the University of Michigan, and i think the 49ers are going to regret this move for years to come. For the regular season i went 166-88-1, and my week 17 record was 12-4. Another good season on the picks and i look forward til 2015. Now the playoff picks for this weekend:



Panthers over Cardinals

Steelers over Ravens


Colts over Bengals

Cowboys over Lions

There it is my wild card picks and will be back with the divisional round. So happy new year 2 u!!

My 2014 week 17 NFL picks

My 2014 week 17 NFL picks

yes it is finally here the regular season finale is this weekend. Thank goodness for that, cause i am ready for the postseason to get here. There are 2 more playoff spots that need to be clinched, first. The NFC south division winner will have an under .500 (win percentage) record between Carolina and Atlanta, and they play each other this weekend. The AFC stil needs a 2nd wild card and a winner from the AFC north division. The Steelers and teh Bengals will play each other on Sunday Night on NBC. Speaking of NBC i thought they made a bad choice on the game they were seeking, but they were kind of limited in there choosing. With many head coaches on the hot seat, i say it will be less then 6 coaches that may be out of a job come Monday. In week 16 i went 10-6 with some surprises that i did not see coming. For the season im 154-84-1 and its been a great year so far. I want to get to the 160 win total for the 4th year in a row doing these NFL picks. So here are the week 17 picks:

Early Sunday:

Ravens over Browns

Texans over Jaguars

Chargers over Chiefs

Giants over Eagles

Jets over Dolphins

Vikings over Bears

Patriots over Bills

Saints over Buccaneers

Cowboys over Redskins

Colts over Titans

Late Sunday:

Panthers over Falcons

Broncos over Raiders

Packers over Lions

Seahawks over Rams

Cardinals over 49ers

Sunday Night:

Steelers over Bengals


there you have it another season of regular NFL picks, i will catch you for the playoffs. Look for my college football playoff picks next week. Happy New year to you!!