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Latest Weekly Extra Point #3

The End for Tiger Woods is sooner than we think

I will admit I do not know too much about golf, but I have watched on TV. I am not a Tiger Woods fan, but have to respect his game. He made PGA Golf matter, and in a big way. Since the mid-1990’s golf has become a sport that is relevant today. All of this made possible thanks due to the play of Tiger Woods winning the main events, and the majors. How about 14 majors that he has won from the following like the Masters, PGA Championship, British Open, and the U.S. Open. But now it’s all an afterthought as Tiger Woods is left to find a way to recapture his winning ways. It will not be easy with the constant pain in his knees, back, etc. I think it’s really a shame that we won’t see history here. What I mean is Woods had a chance to break; Jack Nickulas all time record of 18 winning majors. So at this point nobody knows what is next for Tiger, he’s 40 years old now. But a great career (nonetheless) has come to an end in my book. The PGA Tour has benefited from the success of Tiger Woods, and I hope they are grateful for it.