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2014-2015 NBA preview

2014-2015 NBA preview

Well this off season was typical for most NBA teams. Who improved there team the most, and also who didn’t really make a splash? Jason Kidd decided to go to Milwaukee, which he eventually did after a failed Power Play. Then Larry Drew was suddenly out as Bucks coach, but his one season of under .500 record didn’t really help his cause. The Brooklyn Nets will be on its fourth coach in 3 seasons. The Los Angeles Clippers will have a new owner, named Steve Balmer. A possible new owner in Atlanta could be coming soon? LeBron James is back in Cleveland, but for how long this time? Let’s face it, its either championship or bust for the Cavaliers! The San Antonio Spurs are set to defend there championship, but there will be some competition from all over the NBA. Injuries to Kevin Durant (missing about a month or 2) and to Steve Nash (for the season) will make the Western Conference very Competitive. So let’s tip off this NBA season with some division by division picks:

Eastern Conference:


Toronto, New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Boston


Cleveland, Chicago, Indiana, Milwaukee, Detroit


Miami, Washington, Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando

Playoff Teams in the East:

Toronto, New York, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Chicago, Indiana, Miami, and Washington

WESTERN Conference:


San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Memphis, New Orleans


Oklahoma City, Portland, Denver, Utah, Minnesota


LA Clippers, Golden State, Phoenix, LA Lakers, Sacramento

Playoff Teams in the West:

San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Portland, LA Clippers, Golden State, and Phoenix

There it is my NBA Preview is now up, and let me know what ya’ll thoughts is. I will talk to you again before playoff time!