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My Weekly Extra Point #1

This is my debut of a new feature on Chris Wood Sports, this is where I will comment on the latest story that is either getting my attention. Or not getting enough in the sports world at all. This will be a once a week blog post, in hopes to keep my sports blog relevant.

The San Diego Chargers Stadium situation

I feel bad for the Chargers and the fans there in San Diego. This season is not a memorable for the Chargers. The uncertain future of the team is looming large. One can only image if San Diego will even remotely retain the Chargers at all. This past week has been flat out awful, first the stadium vote was turned down as it fell the 2/3 thirds needed to pass, in hopes the Chargers don’t go to Los Angeles or anywhere else. Then during the Chargers game vs Miami Dolphins, word got out (whether inadvertent or not) that the Chargers are going to LA to join the Rams. By the way, the Chargers have till January 15 to join the Rams in Los Angeles. The Spanos ownership group has not said a thing yet in regard to the Chargers future in San Diego. I for one hope the Chargers stay in San Diego, but with no stadium coming anytime soon. Where do the Chargers go now, and they have only 7 games left of there 2016 season. I do not see anyway the Chargers make the playoffs at this point. Lets face it, the Chargers have really have virtually nobody to blame for but themselves in this matter. I know the NFL does not want to leave San Diego, but can they really do something about it, and in a hurry? We will have to see what happens in the coming weeks. I just think this story will end badly for the Chargers and its fans.