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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview & Picks

2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview & Picks

well its my favorite time of the year, the Stanley cup Playoffs is here. The regular season is finally over, i felt it was too long (82 games). NHL its time to shorten the season by at least 10 games. The Los Angeles kings will not be defending the stanley cup, as they miss the playoffs. Along with playoff choker San jose Sharks, and a cast of thousands. The NY rangers won the president’s trophy (best regular season record), and have a great shot in winning the Cup. There are some contenders out there, that will have something to say about that. I have 5 other teams to watch out for:

Montreal canadiens
Chicago Blackhawks
Anaheim Ducks
Tampa Bay Lightning
New York Islanders

So here are my 1st round picks: (Best of 7 game series)

Eastern Conference:

NY Rangers over Pittsburgh (5 games)
Washington over NY Islanders (7 games) upset pick
Montreal over Ottawa (7 games)
Tampa Bay over Detroit (7 games)

Western Conference:

Anaheim over Winnipeg (6 games)
Vancouver over Calgary (7 games)
Chicago over Nashville (5 games)
Minnesota over St. Louis (6 games)

there you have it, my NHL playoff preview is up and ready to go. Its Cup time hockey fans!!!