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My 2013 week 13 NFL picks

hello everybody, hope your hoilday season is going well. Ah heck even better than mine at least around thanksgiving? I want to wish you a happy thanksgiving, and do it safely. Last week was the worst week ever, i mean i had the fewest wins in a week of all time. I rather throw away and burn the tapes myself. In week 12 i went a poultry 4-8-1, that is is right 4 wins. The 1 tie came from the Vikings-Packers game, due a late comeback by the Packers. I tell you the roof fell out literaly, and for the season Im 99-74-1 in 2013. I will have 100 wins once again by the end of this week. Now time for the week 13 picks.

Thanksgiving day action:

Lions over Packers
Cowboys over Raiders
Steelers over Ravens

Early Sunday:

Eagles over Cardinals
Patriots over Texans
Panthers over Buccaneers
Colts over Titans
Browns over Jaguars
Jets over Dolphins
Bears over vikings

Late Sunday:

Bills over Falcons
49ers over Rams
Bengals over Chargers
Broncos over Chiefs

Sunday night Game:

Giants over Redskins

Monday Night Game:

Seahawks over Saints

well there it is, my week 13 picks and hopefully a better week is on the horizon. Have a safe hoilday and i will talk to you really soon