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This Week in the AAF (Week 8)

This Week in the AAF (Week 8)

Wow what a week for the AAF, and the majority is about the off the field speculation. There is potential talk of the league folding after this weekend or even after the season. We at Chris Wood Sports will stay on top of it, until other wise. This league has potential to succeed, but it also has to get it right in every aspect. So let’s hope that this is not the last of the AAF. I love spring football and I have seen every league come and go since the 1980’s. They all had good moments but it didn’t last. The Orlando Appollos could clinch a playoff spot this weekend, and possibly clinch the east division title if things work out in there favor. We had our 1st overtime game in AAF history involving the Birmingham Iron and Memphis Express. Also a Johnny Manziel sighting was plugged into the game to spark the Express win. As of now both Atlanta and Memphis are still alive, but both need victories to keep it going. Birmingham needs a victory to hold off Orlando on getting a division title. Besides the Iron play the Appollos down the stretch. In the West it’s a 3 team race involving San Antonio, Arizona, and San Diego. However, San Diego went from 1st place to under .500 in a matter of weeks. So they will need to pick up there play and quickly. Salt Lake would need a miracle (2-5) at this point as they slim playoff hopes are getting close to being evaporated. Here are the latest standings in the AAF:


Orlando            6-1

Birmingham    4-3

Memphis          2-5

Atlanta              2-5


San Antonio        5-2

Arizona               4-3

San Diego            3-4

Salt Lake              2-5

My picks from last week I went 2-2 in week 7. In this season of picking AAF games I’m 15-13. Now here is my week 8 picks:

Saturday’s games:

Orlando over Memphis (game on TNT)

San Diego over Salt Lake (game on NFL Network)

Sunday’s Games:

Birmingham over Atlanta (game on CBS Sports Network)

San Antonio over Arizona (game on NFL Network)


There you have it my picks are up and let’s hope this is not a farewell weekend for the AAF. There is so much more to talk about next week, hopefully. Enjoy the games and I mean it this time.


This Week in the AAF (Week 6)

This Week in the AAF (Week 6)

There is only 4 games left in the season, and this is where we can start separating the contenders from the pretenders. We have yet to see Johnny Manziel make his debut, however time is running out for the Memphis Express as far as keeping there playoff hopes alive. Several other teams like Salt Lake, Arizona, and even Atlanta will try to find a way to keep there almost slim playoff hopes alive. Here are the latest standings in the AAF:


Orlando         5-1

Birmingham  4-2

Atlanta          2-4

Memphis       1-5


San Antonio      4-2

San Diego        3-3

Arizona             3-3

Salt Lake           2-4


Here are the my picks coming up as last week I went 2-2 in week 5, and so for the season I’m 13-11 in 2019. Now for the week 6 picks:

Saturday’s action:

Orlando over Atlanta

San Antonio over Salt Lake

Sunday’s Action:

San Diego over Arizona

Birmingham over Memphis


There you have it so enjoy the football action, and the NCAA tourney action as I start my picks soon.

This Week in the AAF (Week 6)

This Week in the AAF (Week 6)

As we reach the halfway point of the season, there are about 6 teams in contention for 4 playoff spots. So the next 5 weeks will be a tall tale sign of where the teams are at. The 2 teams that are 1-4 respectively are not out of it yet. However they have a long climb ahead of them at this point in there seasons. The teams i’m referring to are Memphis and Salt Lake, who are now in a must win situation for the rest of the season. CBS has added 2 more games to there slate, which includes a playoff game later this year. This shows that the AAF is growing by leaps and bounds in its first season. Now here are the up to date standings:


Orlando            5-0

Birmingham   3-2

Atlanta              2-3

Memphis          1-4


San Diego        3-2

San Antonio    3-2

Arizona              2-3

Salt Lake           1-4


Last week on my picks i went 2-2 in week 5 play, and for the season I’m 11-9. So here is my week 6 picks for the AAF

Saturday’s Games:

Memphis over Salt Lake (game on the B/R Live app)

Orlando over Arizona (Game on NFL Network)

Sunday’s Games:

San Antonio over Atlanta (Game on CBS Sports Network)

Birmingham over San Diego (Game on NFL Network)


There it is my picks are on the board and the stretch run is now upon us!!


This Week in the AAF (Week 5)

This Week in the AAF (Week 5)

Well we have reached the halfway point of the AAF regular season. The play on and off the field is getting some attention from everywhere. After 4 weeks, every team is in the win column. There is one team that has yet to taste defeat: The 4-0 Orlando Apollos (right now the AAF best team). Both Atlanta and Memphis get there 1st victory of the season. So now it’s time for a critical week for every team. Everything matters going forward, and we will see who the 4 playoff teams at the end of this regular season. As for my picks last week, a dismal performance only going 1-3 in week 4. As for the season so far i’m 9 wins, 7 losses. I am just over .500 but looking to turn it around this weekend. Here are my week 5 picks:

Saturdays games

Birmingham over Orlando (game on TNT)

San Diego over Salt Lake (game on NFL Network)

Sundays games:

Atlanta over Memphis (game on CBS Sports Network)

Arizona over San Antonio (game on NFL Network)


There you have it, my picks are ready to go as the stretch run has started officially. Enjoy the games sports fans!!

This week in the AAF (Week 4)

This week in the AAF (Week 4)

What a season thus far, however it is now time to separate the contenders from the pretenders. Before we do that, there is a possible Johnny Manziel sighting on the horizon. yes johnny Football could potentially be coming here to the AAF. Manziel was released from the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL (the league really ordered the team to release Manziel earlier this week) for violating the terms of the contract the league set for him. However they will not release the real reason at all on this saga. If Manziel does play San Antonio has his rights for the moment. It would give the AAF some credibility for a league that is just starting this year.  The Iron and the Apollos are the only ones that have not lost a game yet, both 3-0 this season. Now for my picks, in week 3 i went 2-2 and for this season so far: I’m 8-4 in 2019. Now for the week 4 picks in the AAF:

Saturday’s Games:

(2-1) San Diego over Memphis (0-3) (Game on B/R Live App)

(3-0) Orlando over Salt Lake (1-2) (Game on NFL Network)

Sunday’s Games:

(3-0) Birmingham over San Antonio (1-2) (game on CBS Sports Network)

(2-1) Arizona over Atlanta (0-3) (game on NFL Network)


There is your picks for this week and we will have more AAF action coming soon.

This Week In The AAF (Week 1)

This Week In The AAF (Week 1)

Well a dawn of a new league has arrive with the alliance of the american football league (AAF). 2019 has arrive and we have MORE FOOTBALL, and you gotta love it. So we have 8 teams fighting for one prize: a football championship. This week we got 4 good games going on, but we will know who is a contender and/or a pretender. The divisions are stated this way, in the East are the following: Birmingham Iron, Memphis Express, Atlanta Legends, and Orlando Apollos. In the West it is slated this way: Arizona Hotshots, San Antonio Commanders, San Diego Fleet, and Salt Lake Stallions. The early odds have Arizona winning the whole thing, however that is why they play the games. So here is my picks:

Saturday’s Games (Both Games on CBS TV)*

Apollos over Legends

Fleet over Commanders

Sunday’s Games

Iron over Express (game on CBS Sports Network)

Stallions over Hotshots (game on NFL Network)

*regional broadcasts on CBS, check local listings before watching


There is your latest installment of the weekly picks, this time in the AAF. Lets hope this league lasts a long time. Your home for the weekly picks and more features coming soon!!

My 2018 Divisional playoff round picks

My 2018 Divisional playoff round picks

what a 2 weeks it has been, so there is 8 teams left in this playoff tournament. So now its time for the best football to be played for sure. There have been a handful of coaching news off the field. As of now 6 of the 8 teams have filled there Head coach positions, so far. Only the Bengals and the Dolphins are still waiting to fill there’s. During the regular season i won 150 games but barely, i will update it later this weekend. Now for the picks:

Saturday’s games:

Colts over Chiefs

Rams over Cowboys

Sunday’s games:

Patriots over Chargers

Saints over Eagles


There you have it i will have conference title game previews coming next week.

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 17)

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 17)

What a season this has been, and yet the best football is still coming on display for this Sunday. There are still a lot at stake for most teams, and there are still 3 spots left for the playoffs. Then after all of it is settled, we still have our favorite day coming, Black Monday. Which head coaches are on the chopping block or who gets to survive the upcoming offseason? All these questions and yet the fun is about to get started. Then you have the teams playing spoiler I usually root for those teams. There will be no shortage of chaos when all is said and done. Now on to my picks as the month of December is on the way out. In week 16 I was 8-8 and for the month I’m 31-33. This season i’m 140-98-2 with one final week of regular season play. Now for my week 17 picks:

Early Sunday:

Dolphins over Bills

Texans over Jaguars

Giants over Cowboys

Packers over Lions

Patriots over Jets

Falcons over Buccaneers

Saints over Panthers

Late Sunday:

Seahawks over Cardinals

Rams over 49ers

Chiefs over Raiders

Steelers over Bengals

Chargers over Broncos

Eagles over Redskins

Ravens over Browns

Vikings over Bears

Sunday Night:

Titans over Colts

End of Regular Season


There you have it the regular season is now complete and just about that time for postseason play. Sometime this coming week my playoff preview is coming. Have a happy new year.

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 16)

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 16)

Well what a season it has been in the National Football League, and oh by the way 2 weeks of regular season play are left. Most of the playoff spots are still up for grabs, however there are a handful of teams already eliminated from playoff contention. There are other teams that are sorting out there future with head coaches and impact players for there respective teams. How about it is going to get more interesting, how about the final game ever in Oakland? If the city has there way, they plan on kicking out the Raiders once there season is over with a lawsuit. So where does the Raiders play next season, who knows at this point. Believe me we will keep an eye on it, throughout the upcoming off season. The Broncos could possibly change head coaches, but we will keep an eye on it as it develops.Now for my picks which has taken a nosedive the past 3 weeks. This month has not been kind on my picks. In week 15 i went 7-9, and in December i’m 23-25. In the 2018 season i’m 132-90-2 which puts me in a strange situation. My streak of getting in between 150-160 wins per season is in jeopardy. So now here is my week 16 picks:

Saturday’s Action:

Titans over Redskins

Chargers over Ravens

Early Sunday:

Cowboys over Buccaneers

Giants over Colts

Dolphins over Jaguars

Bengals over Browns

Vikings over Lions

Panthers over Falcons

Patriots over Bills

Packers over Jets

Texans over Eagles

Late Sunday:

Bears over 49ers

Rams over Cardinals

Saints over Steelers

Sunday Night:

Chiefs over Seahawks

Monday Night:

Broncos over Raiders


There you have it my picks are up and have a happy holiday folks!!

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 15)

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 15)

how about this NFL season up to this point? so many twists and turns, then there is the back and forth. It all happened so much my picks ended up being same. The NFL plans of increasing the salary cap next season, which is good for all teams in the league. 2 teams are without a head coach, and more could be coming sooner rather than later. They could be as many as 10 teams (over/under) that looks for a new NFL head coach. The Eli Manning era may not end, not yet according to local reports in New York. Due to the shocking turnaround of the Giants, who all of a sudden have playoff life (for the moment). They could still get in if they win out, and other factors happen as well. Now for my picks, 8-8 again his time in week 14. In the month of December i’m 16-16, and for the season i’m 125-81-2 in 2018. I really need a great week in order to keep my streak of getting 150 wins alive. Now for the Week 15 picks:

Thursday night:

Chiefs over Chargers

Saturday’s action:

Texans over Jets

Broncos over Browns

Early Sunday:

Packers over Bears

Lions over Bills

Ravens over Buccaneers

Redskins over Jaguars

Vikings over Dolphins

Cowboys over Colts

Bengals over Raiders

Falcons over Cardinals

Giants over Titans

Late Sunday:

Seahawks over 49ers

Patriots over Steelers

Sunday Night:

Rams over Eagles

Monday Night:

Saints over Panthers


There you have it my picks are now up and rejoice another winning weekend of football action. The holiday season has already started. Look for my college bowl picks coming soon!!