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NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Picks

NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Picks

what a season in the NFL, you got teams that have not been in the postseason in years. Congrats to those teams like the Rams, Titans, Saints, and even the Jaguars. As the regular season ended, there are 6 openings as of right now. The teams that are looking for head coaches are Bears, Lions, Giants, Colts, Raiders, and Cardinals. However, recent reports have Jon Gruden (after a decade in the broadcast booth) is coming back to the Oakland Raiders for a record 10 years, 100 million dollars. I am surprise at a couple of coaches that were not let go after the season. Marvin Lewis (CIN) and Pete Carroll (SEA) i am very shocked that they are not gone. So 2018 should be very interesting in the NFL. They will be more off season posts on the NFL than ever before, so look for it. Now for the wild card picks, as my picks record is on the site (UPDATED)

Saturday’s action:

Chiefs over Titans

Falcons over Rams

Sunday’s action:

Jaguars over Bills

Saints over Panthers


Now enjoy the playoffs as we begin 2018 in earnest!!


My divisional Playoff picks

well the wild card weekend has come and gone, it was a great weekend. The games was fantastic especially the packer game in Lambeau Field. A close game ended in a 49ers victory. The Chiefs and Bengals were being there usually selves in not winning against there teams. The Saints finally winning on the road in the playoffs. Last week I went 3-1 in wild card weekend, now time for the divisional picks:

Saturday’s Action:

Seahawks over Saints
Patriots over Colts

Sunday’s Action:

49ers over Panthers
Broncos over Chargers

There you have it, my divisional picks are in the books. Next week its the Conference Titles games, I will have a preview of those 2 games soon.