2015 week 7 NFL picks

2015 week 7 NFL picks

well another week of picks is coming up soon, and last week was troublesome to say the least. We have reach the half way point of the NFL season, and a lot of surprises are happening left and right. We have 5 teams that have not lost a game, yet on this season. Well i look forward to a great 2nd half of the NFL season. Last week i did about .500 win percentage at 7-7 in week 6 and for the season im 59-32. Now for the picks:

Thursday night:

seahawks over 49ers

Sunday Morning

Bills over Jaguars (internet game only) Game on http://www.yahoo.com/nflstream/

Early Sunday:

Vikings over Lions
Steelers over Chiefs
Colts over Saints
Dolphins over Texans
Patriots over Jets
Rams over Browns
Falcons over Titans
Redskins over Buccaneers

Late Sunday:

Chargers over Raiders
Giants over Cowboys

Sunday Night:

Panthers over Eagles

Monday night:

Cardinals over Ravens

There you have it my week 7 picks are up, and ya’ll have a good one. My World Series Preview is coming soon, so stay right for the next great post.


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