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My Stanley Cup Playoff preview + picks

My Stanley Cup Playoff preview + picks

Well hockey fans its playoff time! I for one am glad it’s here and that regular season could not end any sooner. The second season has arrived with a surprise. No Canadian teams in this postseason for the 1st time since 1972. We are not making it up, and it’s really interesting that not one from the Canadian border made it. You can bet that Canada is hopping mad today. But hey you still have hope for the Raptors basketball and Blue Jays baseball. Oh did we mention the CFL at all here? We are sorry to hear about the passing of Ed Snider (founder and owner) of the Philadelphia Flyers. 2 year battle with cancer is the reason we had not heard much from him. Snider will be sorely missed in the Philly community. As well as the entire hockey world from everywhere. Now it’s time for the postseason picks.

Eastern Conference

Washington over Philadelphia 7 games
N.Y. Rangers over Pittsburgh 6 games
Florida over N.Y. Islanders 7 games
Tampa Bay over Detroit 5 games

Western conference

Los Angeles over San Jose 6 games
Anaheim over Nashville 5 games
Chicago over St. Louis 7 games
Dallas over Minnesota 6 games

There you have it hockey fans and let’s drop the puck already on this postseason. I will be back for 2nd round previews in the coming weeks.

Vegas and Quebec City frontrunners to get NHL teams??

Vegas and Quebec City frontrunners to get NHL teams??

Well Hockey fans, it won’t be long before the NHL announces that 2 possible expansions teams coming into the fold. I hope Quebec City gets a team, hopefully the fans and management learned its lesson from the 1990’s? The Las Vegas one is very interesting, cause it would be the 1st real professional sports team in its history (besides the minor league teams in the past). Back to the Quebec team, it would be a great rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens, even though it was previously one sided for most of the 1980’s and 1990’s. They need to have a great arena plan, and will need a better fan support. Putting all there eggs in one basket (Eric Lindros saga) backfired on them in the worst way. Trading proven players that really could have helped the Nordiques survived today, proved costly. In the end, the Nordiques wanted a new arena and better ownership. They got neither and they moved to Denver where they were a better franchise. If Quebec gets a team the will have to get off to a good start or it will be a short stay in the NHL.

Hockey in Las Vegas? I am all for it as long as the team is good right off the bat. These days expansion is long and far in between these days. The NHL is a league that is still trying to be among the elite in the food chain of sports. I hope Vegas gets a team, because I would need a better reason to go to the West Coast other than going to California (for other sporting events). Besides I think the NHL could really benefit from being the 1st Pro Sports league to make its mark in Las Vegas. They will have to get lucky in the Expansion draft whenever it is. So I say good luck to both cities as they recently made it to the 2nd phase of the Expansion process. Also at the same time, they must not lose focus on maintaining momentum on getting a team by 2017.

2015 NBA Finals preview Cleveland vs. Golden State

2015 NBA Finals preview Cleveland vs. Golden State

Well its time for some NBA Championship Basketball. This should be a good series between the Warriors and the Cavaliers. In this series, i expect the Cavaliers to come out with baskets blazing. In order to contain Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and a cast of thousands. Lebron James will need some big time help in order to give the cavaliers its 1st ever championship. We will need Kyrie irving to step up and also play a key role in this series. The warriors have a great scoring bench, and it has come through for them a lot during the season and the playoffs. Both teams have been off for a week with a lot of rest. So which team is going to be that next great championship team in the NBA. So here is my pick:

Golden State Warriors will win it in 6 games, only because i cannot see the Cavs and lebron James going out in a sweep at all. Enjoy the series and get ready for an off season of Baseball and the start of football season

My Conference Title Game Picks

My Conference Title Game Picks

First some notes from the National football League. The Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, and Chicago Bears have new coaches (Jack Del Rio, Todd Bowles, and John Fox). The San francisco 49ers found Jim Harbaugh’s replacement in Jim Tomsula? Who is that, i have no clue!!  They are still some teams (Denver, Atlanta, naming a few) without a coach for now. They are constant reports on certain candidates that are rumored for the following jobs. Indianapolis Colts LB Josh McNary is now on the commisioner’s list, for pending rape charges. Now for the Conference titles preview and picks:

AFC Championship Pick: Patriots over Colts

I think this could be the last opportunity for the New england Patriots to win a championship. Tom Brady is getting older, and we don’t know how many more chances he will get. The Patriots are really good, since there September swoon when they were 2-2. Its been a great year for New england. The Indianapolis Colts have won 2 playoff games in a row here. Andrew Luck has had a great postseason, but is turnover phone. I really believe his turnovers is going to cost the Colts a shot at the lombardi trophy. There running game is still not that great, but will need it at somepoint to hold off Tom Brady from getting on the field.

NFC Championship Pick: Seahawks over Packers

The Green bay packers really got lucky in beating the Dallas Cowboys. The Dez bryant catch (or non-catch pending on what ya’ll think) didn’t really show any clear-cut evidence on whether it was a catch or not. However the Cowboys had they chances and didn’t take advantage of them. The Packers have a terrific team but is no match for the Seahawks and the 12th man. Aaron Rodgers is not healthy and he knows it. The Seahawks all they have to do is gear up the running game with Marshawn Lynch. Then let russell wilson do his thing running and passing. The Seahawks are going to have to pay some big bucks to keep Wilson very soon.


There you have it my conference title picks are in, and my super bowl preview will be in less than 2 weeks. So keep it locked here, spread the word about Chris Wood Sports


My Divisional Playoff Picks

My Divisional Playoff Picks

well the playoffs have been good so far. The wild card round was very interesting but my pick of the steelers winning did not go well. Still head coaches are dominating the headlines to see who lands where like Rex Ryan and them. In the wild card round I went 3-1, so here is my divisional round picks:


Patriots over Ravens

Seahawks over Panthers


Cowboys over Packers (upset special)

Broncos over Colts

So there you have it my latest playoff picks, and I will be back with a preview of the conference titles games

College Football Picks

College Football Picks

its been a very interesting and impactful year in college football. The Bowl season has been entertaining at least for me here. Now finally comes the playoffs in college football involving 4 teams. People say there should have been at least 6, maybe even 8 teams. I would like to see them expand it, however that will be a long ways from happening. Like around 2026 for even consideration for it. Here is my picks:

Rose Bowl:

Oregon (#2) over Florida State (#3)

Sugar Bowl:

Alabama (#1) over Ohio State (#4)


There it is your college football picks for this season. Look for my NFL Playoff picks coming later this week. Happy New Year 2 u!!

2014-2015 NBA preview

2014-2015 NBA preview

Well this off season was typical for most NBA teams. Who improved there team the most, and also who didn’t really make a splash? Jason Kidd decided to go to Milwaukee, which he eventually did after a failed Power Play. Then Larry Drew was suddenly out as Bucks coach, but his one season of under .500 record didn’t really help his cause. The Brooklyn Nets will be on its fourth coach in 3 seasons. The Los Angeles Clippers will have a new owner, named Steve Balmer. A possible new owner in Atlanta could be coming soon? LeBron James is back in Cleveland, but for how long this time? Let’s face it, its either championship or bust for the Cavaliers! The San Antonio Spurs are set to defend there championship, but there will be some competition from all over the NBA. Injuries to Kevin Durant (missing about a month or 2) and to Steve Nash (for the season) will make the Western Conference very Competitive. So let’s tip off this NBA season with some division by division picks:

Eastern Conference:


Toronto, New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Boston


Cleveland, Chicago, Indiana, Milwaukee, Detroit


Miami, Washington, Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando

Playoff Teams in the East:

Toronto, New York, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Chicago, Indiana, Miami, and Washington

WESTERN Conference:


San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Memphis, New Orleans


Oklahoma City, Portland, Denver, Utah, Minnesota


LA Clippers, Golden State, Phoenix, LA Lakers, Sacramento

Playoff Teams in the West:

San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Portland, LA Clippers, Golden State, and Phoenix

There it is my NBA Preview is now up, and let me know what ya’ll thoughts is. I will talk to you again before playoff time!

My 2014 NFL week 4 picks

My 2014 NFL week 4 picks

well football fans, i had the best week so far and why i shouldn’t be. The 1st 2 weeks were awful, and i admit i misfire on a lot of games. However the NFL still reigns supreme in the sporting landscape. Peyton Manning complaining about the overtime rules is laughable in my opinion. So in Week 3 i went 12-4, and for the season i am 24-24 (win-loss record). To be at .500 (winning Percentage) after 3 weeks seems about right. Now here is my week 4 picks:

Thursday Night:

Giants over Redskins

Early Sunday:

Packers over Bears
Ravens over Panthers
Lions over Jets
Dolphins over Raiders (in London)
Colts over titans
Bills over Texans
Steelers over buccaneers

Late Sunday:

Chargers over Jaguars
Eagles over 49ers
Falcons over Vikings

Sunday Night:

Saints over cowboys

Monday Night:

Patriots over chiefs

There you have it my week 4 picks, so happy football winning weekend 2 u

My 2014 NFL week 3 picks

My 2014 NFL week 3 picks

well i am off to a bad start, and with all the main stars being sidelined for there off the field sessions. It makes this week a tough one to rebound. I went 5-11 in week 2, and for the season so far im 12-20. In all my years picking i have never been this bad. So here is my week 3 picks:

Thursday Night Game:

Falcons over Buccaneers

Early sunday:

Bills over Chargers
Bengals over Titans
Eagles over Redskins
Giants over Texans
Cowboys over Rams
Ravens over Browns
Packers over Lions
Colts over Jaguars
Saints over Vikings
Patriots over Raiders

Late sunday:

49ers over cardinals
Seahawks over Broncos
chiefs over Dolphins

Sunday night:

Steelers over Panthers

Monday night Game:

Jets over Bears

There is my week 3 picks and i will be back with more later next week

My Conference Title Games pick

hello football fans, now time for the last 4 standing as of teams left in the postseason. The games last week were exciting to some dergee, and got ourselves 2 dream matchups. I like both matchups, especially the brady vs. Manning one. It could be the last one, as Manning’s future is up in the air at this time. The 49ers-Seahawks game is only about can the 49ers silence the crowd with there big plays. I went 4-0 last week and im 7-1 this postseason. Here are my picks:

Patriots over Broncos
Seahawks over 49ers

See u in 2 weeks, i am not doing the pro bowl