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2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 16)

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 16)

Well what a season it has been in the National Football League, and oh by the way 2 weeks of regular season play are left. Most of the playoff spots are still up for grabs, however there are a handful of teams already eliminated from playoff contention. There are other teams that are sorting out there future with head coaches and impact players for there respective teams. How about it is going to get more interesting, how about the final game ever in Oakland? If the city has there way, they plan on kicking out the Raiders once there season is over with a lawsuit. So where does the Raiders play next season, who knows at this point. Believe me we will keep an eye on it, throughout the upcoming off season. The Broncos could possibly change head coaches, but we will keep an eye on it as it develops.Now for my picks which has taken a nosedive the past 3 weeks. This month has not been kind on my picks. In week 15 i went 7-9, and in December i’m 23-25. In the 2018 season i’m 132-90-2 which puts me in a strange situation. My streak of getting in between 150-160 wins per season is in jeopardy. So now here is my week 16 picks:

Saturday’s Action:

Titans over Redskins

Chargers over Ravens

Early Sunday:

Cowboys over Buccaneers

Giants over Colts

Dolphins over Jaguars

Bengals over Browns

Vikings over Lions

Panthers over Falcons

Patriots over Bills

Packers over Jets

Texans over Eagles

Late Sunday:

Bears over 49ers

Rams over Cardinals

Saints over Steelers

Sunday Night:

Chiefs over Seahawks

Monday Night:

Broncos over Raiders


There you have it my picks are up and have a happy holiday folks!!

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 15)

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 15)

how about this NFL season up to this point? so many twists and turns, then there is the back and forth. It all happened so much my picks ended up being same. The NFL plans of increasing the salary cap next season, which is good for all teams in the league. 2 teams are without a head coach, and more could be coming sooner rather than later. They could be as many as 10 teams (over/under) that looks for a new NFL head coach. The Eli Manning era may not end, not yet according to local reports in New York. Due to the shocking turnaround of the Giants, who all of a sudden have playoff life (for the moment). They could still get in if they win out, and other factors happen as well. Now for my picks, 8-8 again his time in week 14. In the month of December i’m 16-16, and for the season i’m 125-81-2 in 2018. I really need a great week in order to keep my streak of getting 150 wins alive. Now for the Week 15 picks:

Thursday night:

Chiefs over Chargers

Saturday’s action:

Texans over Jets

Broncos over Browns

Early Sunday:

Packers over Bears

Lions over Bills

Ravens over Buccaneers

Redskins over Jaguars

Vikings over Dolphins

Cowboys over Colts

Bengals over Raiders

Falcons over Cardinals

Giants over Titans

Late Sunday:

Seahawks over 49ers

Patriots over Steelers

Sunday Night:

Rams over Eagles

Monday Night:

Saints over Panthers


There you have it my picks are now up and rejoice another winning weekend of football action. The holiday season has already started. Look for my college bowl picks coming soon!!

my 2014 NFL week 11 picks

my 2014 NFL week 11 picks

well my picks has been good lately, and a lot of NFL headlines have been breaking left and right here. Do you think both Ray rice and Adrian peterson return this season? I think not and too much time has pass them by. I would wait for 2015 and they will have new homes. In week 10 i went 8-5 and for the season im 88-57-1. so lets get started with the week 11 picks, as the playoff stretch comes alive.

thursday night:

Dolphins over Bills

Early Sunday:

Falcons over Panthers
Chiefs over seahawks
Vikings over Bears
Browns over Texans
Giants over 49ers
Broncos over Rams
Saints over Bengals
Redskins over Buccaneers

Late sunday:

Chargers over Raiders
Cardinals over Lions
Packers over Eagles

Sunday Night:

Patriots over Colts

Monday Night:

Steelers over Titans

there you have it my week 11 picks, so ya’ll have a good one!!!!