2016 NFL week 17 (regular season finale) NFL picks

2016 NFL week 17 (regular season finale) NFL picks

How about that we have finally reached the end of the regular season with the final week. A few quick notes from the league as the coaches are making the news off the field. Rex Ryan is gone from buffalo as they did not want to wait. There will be more coaches on the hot seat between now and Monday. The San Diego Chargers lost a game, but this one was the worst of the year. The Cleveland browns ended a 17 game losing streak going back to last season. What a shame and it may be the end for the Chargers tenure in San Diego if it comes to it. Last week I went 11-5 in week 16, and for the season I’m 154-83-2 as I go for the 160 win mark to end the regular season.

Early sunday

Ravens over Bengals
Texans over Titans
Buccaneers over Panthers
Jets over Bills
Patriots over Dolphins
Colts over Jaguars
Vikings over Bears
Steelers over Browns
Cowboys over Eagles

Late Sunday

Falcons over Saints
Cardinals over Rams
Raiders over Broncos
Giants over Redskins
Seahawks over 49ers
Chiefs over Chargers

Sunday night

Packers over Lions

there you have it my regular season picks are up and try to have a happy new year and welcome 2017 in style!!


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